Técnica de segmentación magnética

Técnica de segmentación magnética
Hora :2018-07-02

Magnet Segmentation Technique

What is magnet segmentation technique?
The magnet made of by segmentation technology can be called laminated magnet, layered magnet, split magnet and segmented magnet. For magnet segmentation tachnology, the wohle magnet will be segmented into severval pieces, then processed into several pieces, then processed into specific shape and dimension after glued together by special isolation glue.
Magnet Segmentation Technique
According to many simulation cases and actual products, the magnet segmentation technique has excellent performance to prevent the eddy current. With the increase of segment, the eddy current losses of permanent magnet significantly decreased. Magnet segmentation technique has been already applied in the NdFeB and SmCo magnet.
How to reduce eddy current losses of rare earth magnet?
The eddy current loss of rare earth magnet can be reduced by many ways, among them, the material science researchers have proposed to prepare the high-resistivity magnet, such as:
a. Bonded magnet.
b. High-resistivity sintered magnet.
Due to the existence of binder, the electrical resistance of the bonded magnet would be 102 to 104 times more than simple sintered magnet, but the motor power and maximum operating temperate will be limited. For sintered magnet, submicron fluoride will be served as additive to enhance the grain boundary electrical resistance. Fluoride will help magnet to form a high resistivity layer on its grain boundary, thus improve the electrical resistivity of the whole material.
Magnet Segmentation Technique table.
Magnet segmentation technology is a very practical way to make high-resistivity magnet without changing the composition of the magnet.
The consumption of motor is the greatest among the rotating machinery. The eddy current losses are one of the worst enemies to high-speed rare earth permanent magnet motor. The eddy current will give rise to the temperature of the rare earth permanent magnet, then the magnet will be demagnetized, therefore influence the work efficiency of the motor. As the metallic material, the rare earth permanent magnet has lower electrical resistance, and it also become the direct source of eddy current losses.
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